Welcome to Sacred Lifestyle Designs, an integrative health care and lifestyle management practice dedicated to helping you to:

• Experience vibrant health
• Discover your Divinity
• Experience abundance on all levels

Founded by a Registered Nurse with an Advance Practice degree in holistic nursing as well as extensive training in various Eastern and Western therapies, this practice was developed with the intention of assisting you to transform your life – body, mind, and spirit. Ultimately, the goal of care is not only to bring your health back into balance, but design a lifestyle that speaks to your Soul and helps you to achieve your full potential on all levels.

Holistic nursing is a philosophy of care that embraces the whole being and recognizes the interconnectedness of body, mind, emotion, spirit, social/cultural, relationship, context and environment. It is a specialty practice, drawing upon a body of knowledge, nursing theories, expertise and intuition in which the practitioner and client become therapeutic partners in care. Modalities may be used in this practice in order to complement and enhance the therapeutic value of conventional therapies and maximize the client’s healing potential.

“My personal belief is that each human being has an innate ability to heal themselves. My role is to be an educator and facilitator, helping people to optimize wellness and realize their full potential.”

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